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Kitchen Cleaning

kitchen cleaning is hard, and is best done with a meticulous routine.

  1. We first dispose of trash, always on the lookout for more than one receptacle.
  2. Then, cobwebbing is done by working around the perimeter of the room, catching the cobwebs and dusting the corners of the ceiling, behind drapes, along the woodwork and baseboards, behind furniture and in the little spaces between the cabinets and the top of the microwave, etc. Blinds are dusted on both sides and returned to their original direction to make sure they are clean and orderly.
  3. Next, the upper cabinets are cleaned using our always eco-friendly, general purpose cleaner paying special attention to smudges around handles.
  4. The appliances are cleaned next using the general purpose cleaner. The entire exterior, including tops, sides and fronts, are sprayed and wiped down. We always remember to clean the easy to forget and hard to reach areas like the top of the refrigerator and the inside of the microwave.
  5. Countertops and small appliances are cleaned next with the general purpose cleaner, making sure everything is moved as necessary and wiped free of smudges and food/drink residue. The countertops and small appliances are left dry and looking sparkling clean!
  6. The sink is cleaned by removing any dishes and then scoured with paste and a scouring sponge. A crevice brush is used around the fixtures and other areas, such as the drain openings, to remove dirt and grime. The sink is rinsed and dried and left shining. If there is a window present over the sink, it is cleaned using our window/glass cleaner.
  7. Lower cabinets are cleaned next with the general purpose cleaner. They are wiped down thoroughly and wiped dry to ensure no smudges or dust is present.
  8. Before finishing with the kitchen floor, the table and chairs are cleaned with the general purpose cleaner. We wipe down the kitchen table and legs and base of the table, as well as chairs and objects on the table, moving everything and wiping the entire surface of the table until it is clean and free of smudges and food/drink residue.
  9. The floor is cleaned according to the surface product and is described on the floor cleaning part of the services page.

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